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Our banknotes contain the following security features that make it to be genius and we have the best grade counterfeit in the world both Euro and Dollar and any bills of your choice you want. Security features of our bank notes below: Intaglio printing Watermarks Security thread See-through register Special foil/special foil elements iridescent stripe / shifting colors. Our banknotes are printed on 80% cotton 20% cellulose paper which differs substantially from normal paper. By using a special printing technique, several picture elements on the front of the banknote are identifiable by touch. The guidelines on detecting counterfeit currency give a comparison of genuine and falsified security features. Why would you buy from us? Our banknotes contain the following security features that make it to be genius and we have the best grade counterfeit in the world both Euro and Dollar and any bills of your choice you want.

Banknote longevity is affected by conditions in circulation, including soiling, heat, moisture, and mechanical stress. We offer scalable substrate solutions that meet the diverse requirements of each country. We use proven processes to develop optimized that are dirt-repellent, durable, and at the same time compatible with all security features, so banknotes are secure, fit and in circulation for longer.

We have been producing banknotes for over 12 years, and we use this experience to develop scalable banknote substrates that meet exacting requirements. Our scalable portfolio offers appropriate substrates for low (market notes), medium (transaction notes) and high nominal values (saving notes) within a series. These substrates strengthen banknotes against daily stresses, and extend their time in circulation. For currencies that circulate under extreme climatic conditions, our banknote paper is treated with lacquers or plastic lamination, making it durable – dirt, water, and mechanical stress are minimized. This is particularly important, for lower denominations that are frequently handled and subject to a greater risk of soiling.

We therefore support central banks in implementing their Clean Note Policy. Whichever substrate is used, the banknote paper itself ensures reliable counterfeit protection. Visible and hidden security features are part of the package. These are embedded into the substrate, attached to it, or printed on it. Our substrates are compatible with all security features, so central banks choose, based on a modular system of security elements, depending on the counterfeit risk of a note.